Our Business

Steinar Manufacturing Industrial Corp. was established in Sta. Maria, Bulacan. Our company is engaged in manufacturing products essential for the construction industry. We have sufficient experience in “Modern Building Technology” with a combined technology of German and Japanese expertise. 

Our brand, MORTABOND, was founded in 1992. It has flourished in the Philippine construction industry and has been a standard construction term. it is generic name, which simply means

“Mortar that Bonds”.

Our company specializes in manufacturing high-quality Modified Dry Mix Mortars. It is superior in quality and very competitive in price. MORTABOND improves the quality of concrete structures that leads to our goal, that is,

“Today.. creating Solution for Tomorrow”.

Steinar Manufacturing Industrial Corp. is not only to promote the products we carry, but we also introduce new and economical techniques and methods in the construction field. 

MORTABOND, the product’ made to last. Our brand provides an advantage in the construction of elegant, highly durable, and high-quality structures without any “back job” repairs, saving time, money, and labor.