Premium mortabond
DURA-PLAS Maxi is an advanced German technology chemically formulated Skimcoat used for both interior and exterior walls and ceilings. It is used as a topcoat to smoothen and repair the imperfections of your concrete plastering to prepare it for painting.

DURA-PLAS Maxi has the highest initial adhesion property compared to all other commercially available skimcoat in the market. Chalking will not be present because of its firm composition making it perfect for new buildings. DURA-PLAS Maxi is also best for repainting jobs because it can even adhere on top of painted surfaces totally covering up the old painted finish and color.


  • For interior and exterior surfaces
  • No concrete neutralizer needed
  • For new and repainting jobs
  • Bubble free property
  • High UV Resistance

DURA-PLAS Maxi is an Advanced Technology German formulation 3-in-1 as paint primer for both exterior and interior use. It is used as a paint primer/topcoat to beautify and protect concrete plaster topping and finishing requirements. Dura-Plas Maxi has high initial adhesion property that is good for new buildins and repainting jobs. It also repairs spider cracks unlike ordinary Portland cement.

Cement: Cement based that bond well on concrete wall

Paint: Comes in color, serves as primer, or topcoat paint, no need for concrete neutralizer

Putty: Applied area can be sanded to remove unwanted wavy wall to obtain flat and even finish, ready for top coat paint.


SURFACE PREPARATION: Make sure the substrate is free from any dust, debris, oil, wax, grease etc. It is important to wipe down the surface with a sponge/foam soaked with clean water prior to application of DURAPLAS MAXI for good adhesion. For repainting jobs, remove existing paint via sanding. Remove as much as possible without damaging the concrete surface.

Step 1: After prepping, make sure the surface is thoroughly wet/damp with no excess water. (TO AVOID BACKJOB REPAIRS DUE TO FLAKING, POWDERING & DELAMINATION) (Maintain temperature to 25°C or lower)

Step 2: On a clean mixing board or pail, place an adequate amount of DURA-PLAS MAXI. After which, pour in a measured amount of clean water onto the mixture. Keep stirring until it is free from lumps and a consistent mixture is attained. Let it stand for 3 to 5 mins then re-stir. DO NOT RETEMPER OR ADD WATER AFTER MIXTURE HAS SET

Step 3: Apply the 1st coat by using EUROBLADE finishing trowel in a forceful pressing down motion to fill all the cracks. Make sure to completely cover your wall or ceiling from edge to edge. Leave it until it is touch dry

Step 4: Apply the 2nd coat as a final topping to even out the flaws that was yet to be corrected by the 1st coat. Let it cure for a minimum of 24hrs.

Step 5: Use at least a 400grit sandpaper to even out the imperfections caused by human error. AVOID CONTINUOUS HEAVY SANDING.

Step 6: Wash down the surface with clean water to remove all the dust from sanding. Let dry for 24hrs.

Step 7: Apply one coat of flat latex paint then finish with a gloss or semi-gloss topcoat paint.
For a non painted finish, you can use DURA-SEAL as a topcoat.

Coverage Ratio: 20kgs Duraplas Maxi: 20sq.m at 1mm thick

Water Ratio: 9L of water per 20kgs Mortabond DURA-PLAS MAXI

Technical Data and Properties

Appearance  Powder
Color White
Properties: Cementitious
Toxicology Non-Toxic
Odor  Odorless
Permeability 1.2 Bar
Water Demand 9 liters/20 kgs
Setting Time:
Initial 280 mins.
Final 440 mins.
Curring Time:  28 days
Compression Strength (3mm) 28 days: 12.54 N/mm²
Flexural Strength 28 days: 4.28 N/mm²
Tensile Strength (3mm) 28 days: 0.56 N/mm²