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DURA-PLAS OPTIMA is a damp-proofing cement paint putty. DURA-PLAS OPTIMA is non-toxic, flexible, odorless and bubble free skimcoat. DURA-PLAS OPTIMA is perfect for exterior concrete wall to prevent water shrinkage (tagas).

  • For exterior surfaces
  • High UV Resistance
  • For new and repainting jobs
  • Recommended for firewall
  • Waterproofing Cement Paint Putty

DURA-PLAS OPTIMA is 3-in-1 waterproofing cement paint putty with damp proofing property. It is a non-toxic, flexible, odorless and bubble free cement paint putty used as skimcoat topping requirements prior for painting.

Duraplas Optima is highly recommended for concrete exterior wall and firewall that avoid wall shrinkage. Add water to mix and easy to apply by using trowel.


SURFACE PREPARATION is important for good adhesion. For effective application of DURA-PLAS OPTIMA, preparation for concrete substrate is essential. Make sure the substrate is clean, flat solid and free from dust, oil, wax, grease etc. Clean surface with water prior to application.

Step 1: Make sure that plastering is structurally sound. Repair all cracks and dents on surface (optional)

Step 2: Clean the surface thoroughly with water (Lower the temperature up to 25°C)

Step 3: Add water to mix. Let it stand for 3 to 5 mins then re-stir. DO NOT ADD WATER AS MIXTURE IS SET
Ratio: 9L water: 20 kgs DURA-PLAS OPTIMA Powder

Step 4: Apply 1st layer using finishing trowel in a FORCIBLY PRESSING DOWN MOTION to fill cracks

Step 5: Apply 2nd thin layer as topping, and then let dry

Step 6: Sanding surface after 24 hrs to attain smooth even surface.

Step 7: Wash down the surface with water and let dry.

Step 8: Apply topcoat paint


Technical Data and Properties

Appearance  Powder
Color White
Properties: Cementitious
Toxicology Non-Toxic
Odor  Odorless
Permeability 1.2 Bar
Water Demand 9 liters/20 kgs
Setting Time:
Initial 280 mins.
Final 440 mins.
Curring Time:  28 days
Compression Strength (3mm) 28 days: 12.54 N/mm²
Flexural Strength 28 days: 4.28 N/mm²
Tensile Strength (3mm) 28 days: 0.56 N/mm²